About Kanga-Woo First Call Pouches

Here at Kanga-Woo, we are committed to our customers highest expectations, providing exclusive, top quality, tailor made first call pouches and cot covers.

Unlike the normal traditional first call pouch, we are striving to become the industry standard. Kanga-Woo provides a new revolutionary design, making our highest priority the quality of our product.

All of our products are hand made, and proudly designed and produced in the United States.

About the Owner

Al is inspired by the outdoors, where he found inspiration for his first designs.

Al is inspired by the outdoors.

Al Schiavone

As a licensed Funeral Director with over 30 years of industry experience, Al has cared for many families in all walks of life, making numerous first calls of all types.

Al’s goal is to help Funeral Professionals and First Call Removal Technicians by providing efficiently designed first call pouches and cot covers.